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      New Logo               3D Crystal Puzzle - Detective Snoopy


 New Year Sale

New Year Sale! Get 10% OFF   Free Shipping   Disney Family Edition     New Arrival Puzzle   



 Latest Collection

 Latest Collection

 Black Jack Puzzle Box - Limited Edition


Key & Keyway Cube Puzzle


 Heel Lick All Bare, Too! (Helical Burr 2)

 Cluster Buster
 Screw Enigma
 Screw Pack
 12 Piece Separation Puzzle  Dovetail Cube  Screw Burr


Latest Collection

Latest Collection  Latest Collection


Solar Kit - Rover

Solar Bug

 Mechanical Coding Robot

Star Wars Collection

Color Cube Sudoku

Solar Hydraulic Robotic Kit

Hedgehog in a cage


 Schloss 55

 Mini Skewb

 Thor's Hammer - Metal

Heart in Heart Puzzle

   64 Pieces Spinning Circle

3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe - Windmill

 Group Special - a set of 12 Hanayama's NEW puzzles

 Cast UFO

 Group Special Puzzles

 Teetotum Puzzles

 Jail Break Puzzle

 Aracna Puzzle

New Metal Puzzles - Youtube

 New Year - Cast Padlock

 New Year - Trick Lock 7

 Lock 64 Puzzle Solution

 4-in-1 Fun Pack     Latest Puzzles

 Latest Puzzles

 Group Special - A set of 6 Puzzle Master Metal

  One Night Ultimate Daybreak

     If you love a good challenge, here are a variety of  puzzles, games, and toys that will stimulate your mind.  These mind-challenging games also make for great conversational pieces.  So leave some around on your coffee table or end table to share among family and friends.  There's something for everyone so we hope you will give it a try.   Develop good thinking skills by challenging your mind in the mastery of these games through play. 

  New Wood Puzzle Designs


 New Puzzle Arrival, latest puzzle, puzzle master,


 Wood Puzzle, puzzles, woodden puzzle

 Twisted Cube Puzzle , Twisted Cube   

Wedged Puzzle

64 Pieces Spinning Circle



 MF8 Teraminx - Black Body   Hedgehog in a cage
Giegeldonk Wood Puzzle

  Night Shift European Wood Puzzle

  Kaleido Gears construction set provides hours of great fun while introducing children to some basic principles of mechanics.
 A Beautiful Hand-Made Wooden Gift Box with Iron Santa Lock
  Scotsman 2 Wood Puzzle  Build complex three-dimensional structures with Georello Tech

 The Bell European Wood Puzzle


  Models and Kits On PuzzleMaster  


 Latest Puzzle, New Puzzle, Latest Arival, Puzzlemaster

3D Puzzle Cars - BMW Z4 (Red)


3D Crystal Puzzle - Panda


3D Crystal Puzzle - Nemo


3D Crystal Puzzle - Rubber Duck



  Cast Cylinder - Designer Puzzle

  Cast News - Hanayama Metal Puzzle   Cast Trinity - Hanayama Metal Puzzle  The Medallion is made from four separate pieces of metal, two of which form a central core, while the other two each contain two different maze tracks. - Hanayama Metal Puzzle
The goal of the Streichholzbox looks simple enough - open the box to put something inside and then lock it again. After taking a good look at it, you might start doubting that it is possible, but be sure that it is. The trick involved to solve this puzzle is clever, it requires some serious thinking outside the box. -Trick Box
  Pento T - European Wood Puzzle Group Puzzle - SALE On All Group Special Japanese Puzzle Box - Karakuri Cube Box #2

  Dice Japanese Puzzle Box

Antique Radio Japanese Puzzle Boxes
  Pattern Stacker Puzzle   Kumiki Hana Wood Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle - Forest Fairies: Fairies With Dancing Frogs
Large Piece Jigsaws - Peanuts Raft
  Large Piece Jigsaws Together Time: Disney - Family Pieces Puzzle   Family Pieces Puzzle
Metal Puzzle - Bird Cage Puzzle aim of this metal puzzle is to release the star from the cage.
  3D Crystal Puzzle Deluxe - Red Dragon
 The Pink Dolphin Deluxe Crystal Puzzle from BePuzzled features a stunning design straight from the ocean!
Takes Strategy to solve this Logical Puzzle.
Flex your math muscles with this clever brainteaser Icosoku  
  3D Crystal Puzzle - Wolf (Black)
  Puzzleset II are four different puzzles made from beech wood.   The Sewing Shed 1000 Pieces Puzzle   Wave Breaker Puzzle
Raf Peeters - Build roads and bridges to link the temples with Temple Connection
 TOP Wood Puzzle  Jump In Game  Hanayama Puzzles -
 Beta Capsule Puzzle
 Hanayama Puzzles - Ultra Eye Puzzle Hanayama Puzzles - 
SSSP Emblem Shooting Star

Jigsaw Puzzle -

Baby Shoes Puzzle
The Missing Puzzles - Volume 2
 Classic Etch A Sketch   Wawilak - boomerang - Left Handed
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Minipuzzle - Pentagon Tangram Puzzle
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exp. 12/31/2018
  Twisted Cube Wood Puzzle
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exp. 12/31/2018

Magna Shapes - Abstract World Children's Toys & Puzzles
Use coupon code:  25SHIP
exp. 12/31/2018

 Japanese Puzzle Box   Wine Bottle Wood Puzzle Jigsaws - Orbicular Geode Puzzle #140
  Range Master - natural wood boomerang - Right Handed
Rotational Puzzle - WeiLong 3x3x3 Cube DIY Kit - Black Body European Wood Puzzle -
Ene Mene Miste Wood Puzzle
 Cigar Puzzle Box Kit - Saint Luis Rey
 Magnetic Folding Chess Set - 29 cm Family Puzzle - Rummikub Puzzle   Pick Lock Wooden Puzzle Boxes
  Cube KW - PCL Japanese Puzzle Boxes Holiday Puzzle - Santa's Workbench
 Book Style Puzzle Box   Little Dance Designer Puzzle Jean Claude Constantin - Free Willy Rotational Puzzle -
Gear Dodecahedron - Black Body

Jigsaws - 3D Pixel Puzzle - Tractor Rotational Puzzles -
Clover Octahedron - Black Body
Jigsaws - 3D Pixel Puzzle - Astronaut Rotational Puzzle -
  Oskar Redi Cube - Black Body

Rotational Puzzle -
  X-MAN Wingy Magnetic Skewb (Concave) - Black Body

Rotational Puzzle -
Tangram Extreme Cube - Black Body
  3D Pixel Puzzle - Cupcake   limCube Deformed 3x3x3 Centro-Sphere Cube - Stickerless
Delta Wood Puzzle   The Missing Puzzle Book   Get Special Puzzle Rings at  Tulip Puzzle

 Flower 36 Puzzle

Jigsaws - Despicable Me 3 : Agnes and the Minions Cars 3 - 3 x 49 piece puzzle Jigsaw   Despicable Me 3 Jigsaw Strategy - Logical -
  Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 - Big Box

Metal Puzzles -
Fight Cube - 3x3x3 - Grey

  La Luna Wood Puzzle Ghost Hedgehog Rotational Puzzle   Cast Dot Metal Puzzle
  Loop de Loop Wood Puzzle   Quarks Cube Rotational Puzzle   Eight Track Plastic Interlocking Puzzle   Hummingbird - Decorated Wood Boomerang
  Kookaburra - Decorated Wood Boomerang   Night Blazer - Polymer Boomerang - Right Handed    


Set Of 10 Hanayama Puzzles

 Floor Puzzle For Little One   Get 25% Off on Puzzle, 25% off, dicount, offer, puzzlemaster   Silver Color Chess Puzzle Set   Free Download

Anipuzzle - Nanook - Polar Bear Puzzle    Cast G&G Puzzle    Wood Puzzles   Maze Puzzles


  Maze Puzzles

  1001 - 5000 Pieces Puzzle   Latest Exquisite Puzzle
  Wooden Letter Puzzles Collection   "F" Letter Puzzle   Mini Rope Bridge Puzzle
  Scramble Squares - Black Capped Chickadees   Alles Käse Puzzle   Exquisite Bi-Cycle Wood Puzzle
  Timonen Burr Puzzle   Large Beautiful Wooden Maze Puzzle   Confound You With Obstacle Puzzles
  Cast Chain Puzzle   Fascinating Puzzles   Magical puzzle
  Black and Gold Copernisis Puzzle   Rope Obstacle Puzzle  Evgeniy BubbleMinx in Hex Box - Black Body
  Links D European Wood Puzzles   HMS Victory - 3D Jigsaw Puzzle   Set Of 10 Hanayama Puzzles Level 9
  Group Special - A Set Of 3 Rotational Puzzles   Silver Color Chess Puzzle Set   Stunning Puzzles
 The Plugged Up Pipe Puzzle   EZ Atom Puzzle   Shut the Box Game - Advanced version
  Exciting Mini Basketball Game   Hand Tri Spinner Anti-Stress Fidget Toy  Original Anti Stress Fidget Cube
  Flip! Tumble! Repeat... The Classic Wooden Toy!   Philos-Cube Edition   Tavern Puzzle Collection
  Summer/Fall Collection Puzzle   Eragon and Saphira Puzzle   Icing On The Cake Puzzle
  Ballerinas - Jigsaw Puzzle   Sucrier European Wood Puzzles   Tangled Tales Wood Puzzles
  Desperado Wood Puzzles   Painted Lady - The Tavern Puzzle Collection   Lyon's Loops - The Tavern Puzzle Collection
  Clef Hanger - The Tavern Puzzle Collection   Love-Bird Rubik's Cube   limCube 3x3x3 Mixup Ultimate Cube - Black Body

Traiphum Megaminx Ball - Metallized Gold embedded Clear Jade Red

  A set of 10 wood puzzles   A set of 24 Puzzle Master Rotational Puzzles
  A set of 12 Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzles   LEGO DC Super Heroes Watch - Batman   Jungle: Hide & Seek Puzzle
 Luxury Cards With Canada's Nature Print   Cast Key II   Lonpos 101 Rectangular Game
  Third Dimension Interlocking Puzzle   Plastic Interlocking Puzzles   Curious Cross Interlocking Puzzles
  Puzzle Based On Curious Geometry   Bee Box Puzzle   Feder Box Puzzle
  Einstein Box Puzzle   Barrel of Diogenes Puzzle   Dinosaurs Mystic Islands Puzzle
  Classic Checkers 12 inch - Brown / Natural   Back Spin Puzzle   Bacon-opoly
  Batman Fluxx   The Flying Scotsman   Antique Looking Puzzle Box
 Inner Cube 2 Puzzle   Bram's Magic Puzzle   Egg Extra Puzzle
  Emojipuzzle - What's Your Mood?   Bamboo Wood Puzzle   Big 3 Key Puzzle Lock
  Silver & Bronze Puzzle Ring   Cast Quartet  Cast Equa
  Chest of Drawers Bank   Cast Keyring  Lord of the Rings Chess Pieces
  Magnetic Pen Stand Puzzle   Yin & Yang Puzzle   Spirit of St. Louis - 3D Wooden Puzzle
  Set Of 3 Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzles   Finding Dory: Dory and Friends - Super Sized Floor Puzzle   Cute Bugs - Super Sized Floor Puzzle
  Amazing Insight 16 Cards   Victory Puzzle   Die 5 Elemente Puzzle
  Schiebung Puzzle   European Wood Puzzles   Solar Rechargeable Station
  3 In 1 All Terrain Robot Kit   Confederate Army Cipher Disk   7 Wonders: Wonder Pack Game
  A Set Of 4 Flabber Floovers Puzzles   A Set Of 39 Wood Puzzles   6 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler
  Cast Shark Puzzle   Cast Bike Puzzle   Magnetic Puzzle Globe
  Magnetic Soccer Puzzle   A Set of 25 Master Rotational Puzzles   Magician Wonder Box
  Ravensburger 3D Puzzle   ARToy Moving Model Kit - Flying Family   Wire Puzzle Set
  Group Special - A set Of 8 Hanayama's NEW Puzzles   3D Crystal Puzzles   Glow In The Dark - 3D Puzzle
  Portapuzzle For 1000 pcs Puzzles   Disassemble and Reassemble Puzzle   Cast Flag Puzzle
  Universe II Wooden Puzzles   Challenge Your Brain   XS HeadStress - Newton's Comet
  Wooden Puzzle Boxes   Cast Infinity Puzzle   Most Popular Puzzles In The World Ever
  Elegant Puzzles   Innovative Cast Cake Puzzles   Obstinance Cast Padlock
  Latest Hanayama's puzzles   Grab The Latest Puzzle Collection   Exclusive Puzzle
  Pyraminx   Meffert's Rotational Puzzles   Twisty Puzzles
  Crib Wars   Happy Cube - 6-Pack  European Pegasus Wood Puzzles
 Smart Egg 2-Layer Labyrinth Puzzle - Level 1 Blue Dragon  Higgins Bros. - Flower 12 Panel Footbag  V-CUBE 3 Flat (3x3x3): Crossword Cube
 1x1x4 Rotational Keychain  Rubik's Double Side Challenge Jigsaw Puzzle  TangLong - Black Body for Speed-cubing Puzzle
 Secret Opening Box Puzzle  Aolong Plus-Version 2 – Stickerless Puzzle  WeiLong 3x3x3 Cube Version II - Black Body
 Oskar's Treasure Chest - Black Body  Packing Puzzles  Illuminated 3D Wooden Puzzle
 Dale Oliver's Torus Yo-Yo  Blizzard Spin Top with Power Spinner  Cast Harmony Puzzle
 Gear Cube Black Puzzle  Happy Cube Puzzle  Cast Delta Puzzle
 3D Anatomic Puzzles  Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles  Jean Claude Constantin
 Hanayama Metal Puzzles  Jigsaws Puzzles  Rubik Cube Puzzle
 Online Jigsaws for Adults  Puzzlemaster  (puzzle book)  Jigsaws Play Online
 Play Jigsaws  Puzzle Solutions  Jigsaws Puzzle
 Jigsaws Games  Puzzle Master  (games / toys)  Hanayama's NEW Puzzles
 Rubik's Cube Puzzles  Family Games Puzzles  Bon Voyage Puzzles
  Hummingbird - Decorated Wood Boomerang   A Set Of 14 Hanayama Puzzles   A Set Of 13 Hanayama's NEW Puzzles
  Kookaburra - Decorated Wood Boomerang   A Set Of 19 Hanayama Puzzles   A Set Of 10 Hanayama Puzzles
  Night Blazer - Polymer Boomerang - Right Handed   A Set Of 37 Hanayama Metal Puzzles   A Set Of 12 Hanayama Puzzles
  A Set Of 71 Hanayama Puzzles   A Set Of 34 Hanayama Metal Puzzles   A Set Of 8 Hanayama Puzzles


 Free Shipping Offer

 Shutter Box Puzzle

 Hanayama Metal  Puzzles,Puzzles, games, toys,

3D Puzzle, Puzzle, Christmas, xmas,Games, Toys

Jigsaw puzzles   New metal puzzles

SAVE 10% Octahedron 4x4x4 - Black Body

Coffee Cup Puzzle

 New Puzzle, Puzzle, Christmas, xmas,Games, Toys  Cast Cylinder Puzzle, Puzzle, Christmas, xmas,Games, Toys

Ringschloss Puzzles   Magnetic Puzzle Globe

SAVE 10% Level 8 - A Set of 16 Hanayama Puzzles 

 SAVE 10% Level 10 - A set of 8 Hanayama Puzzles  Metal Puzzles

 Wood Puzzles,Puzzles, games, toys,   Egg puzzle, puzzles, toys

V-CUBE 7, puzzle, cube, puzzle cube

 Brainstring 'R'

 GEAR CUBE PUZZLE   Pyraminx Puzzle   Excaliburr Wood puzzle, wood puzzle, puzzle, Excaliburr  puzzle   Shuang Ren Cube, puzzle, cube, puzzle cube 


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